We are a youth group located in Orion, MI at Gingellville Community Church.

What is 412?

412 is a youth group that meets at Gingellville Community Church in Orion, MI (directions) ...

Led by Youth Pastor Josh Yates, 4:12 exists to fulfill five purposes. to shine, honor, connect, train, and serve.

Modeling after the early church, 4:12 tries to program every event and meeting with these five purposes in mind so that we can be effective in reaching the world for Christ.

Mission Statement

412 exists to shine the light of Christ into the hearts of nonbelieving youth, and to connect them with Christians; to train believing youth in their walk with Christ, and challenge them to honor God with their lives and serve Him.

Core Values

While our mission statement tells why we exist, our core values explain the attitude in which we seek to accomplish that mission. Our values are derived from our theme verse, 1 Timothy 4:12.
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What We Do

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